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Landscape Ontario Renovation

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Beginning in 2017 WGD undertook design for complete reworking of an existing office and warehouse building for Landscape Ontario in Milton. The office area consisted of 10,000sf on two floors and the warehouse was 30,000sf. The project was completed in 2019 at a cost of $4.5m.

The warehouse area was converted into multi purpose training rooms and large café and lunch area to cater to members attending training sessions. The café has a seating capacity of one hundred and is designed with some cooking capacity but mostly for catered lunches and events. The training rooms included one large training room divisible into three smaller rooms, and an additional training room that doubles as a boardroom for large formal meetings. Also included in the project is a ‘practical training room’, for members to learn stone work and other landscaping techniques year round.

The existing building was re-clad with an energy efficient envelope and a ‘dry stack stone wall’ was built by members as a feature and demonstration of the time honoured skill.

The office areas were reworked and fit up according to ‘smart office solution’ strategies and the building was made accessible with the introduction of an underslung elevator.

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