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ODSP Desk-Side Modernization

As part of a new MCSS Capital Planning initiative, a major desk-side modernization roll-out was kicked off in 2015-2016 for their Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) branches across the province. WGD was engaged to oversee the "modernization" of approximately 12,000 usable square feet of office and program space. WGD's design
approach sought to best incorporate ODSP's complex security and duress requirements. Staff were sequentially relocated into temporary swing space within the same building during the construction phase. Their relocation back into the final space was also phased, as areas of the project became complete. A total of 5 phases were involved in order to allow for the project to be completed without interrupting the accessibility services to the public.  The project was substantially complete in early December.

The outcome was a bright and colourful office space.

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